Great realistic smoke … Blender 2.5 goes VFX!

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Thanks to Farsthary and the other smoke/volumetrics-developers for that great feature!
Today i found a speed-optimized Blender 2.5-Build from MiikaH on!

My 1st try with this is here:

Think about what we can do with this feature 🙂


Blender got it: Solidify-Modifier

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Yep- everybody was waiting for this feature!
Now it is possible to shutter objects with blenders explode-modifer and give the parts a 3rd dimension!

Next Steps we would need:

– Texture-Controled/randomized fragmentation-script

– GameEngine- or PhysX(Nvidia)-Based Partice-Collision
—> Maybe Farsthary´s SPH-Fluid-Development will solve this 😉

– Advanced Control of shattering (by impact, explode, glue effects)

Here my trys in Blender 2.5 ALPHA-release:

Poodoo FX – Starwars Fanfilm …. 1st VFX-Images

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After a long time i restarted my VFX-works on different projects.

Actual project is on . Here are some good artists working on one star-wars-fanfilm-project.

Welcome on PoodooFX

My work is doing some particle-visuals to simulate Space-Vacuum (broken wall in a starship).

On this blog i will publish my work!

1st pictures:

The 3d-SET – done in Blender 2.49:

As you can see there are some colored elements.

I made a “particleobjects-group” to have different particle forms!
The emitter near the 3d-camera emits this forms to simulate space-vacuum!
The colored parts are a mix of animated rotoscoping-masks, shadow-receivers an particle-collidors.
Some Windobjects are there, too. To control the particle-flow and simulate small acceleration!

More will come soon!

Erdora comes on 12.01. & 14.01 on 2010

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Erdora was a great project for me, too.

Erdora - HP_HeaderFantasy-medieval is a nice filmstyle!

Visit the homepage:

Watch the trailer:

My visual-effect-works:
Videos and pictures coming soon!

Abaron-Project finished!

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Abaron is a medieval-film.
The project was finished in the middle of 2009.

For informations visit the official Abaron-Site by Marco Gutekunst:

The german trailer:

My work was the visualisation of “magic stones” … with particles!
See some images [videos will come soon]: