Mouse-Viruz 2nd-Rig…

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Here is the next preview of our mouse …. as you can see rockets will come out of the side.

Realized with Constraints and Ipo-Drivers!

Next step is duplicating the small loader-planes and modelling the rockets!



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Some people from my work had the crazy/funny idea to visualise a computer mouse getting a virus (Thanks to Ionuts!).
1st it was just a joke- but we decided to start a blender-project based on this idea : “Mouse-Viruz!”

–> Mouse-Viruz!-MeshFixed-Model (remove doubles/join triangles):

Ionuts – from my work- made the joke- so i have to say it is his idea!

Christian Franke -from my work, too- modelled the computer mouse in Autodesk Inventor (he´s just too new in Blender).
He modelled the mouse with other parts like cylinders, mechanical connections and sent me all that parts in single files.

Me -Dennis Fassbaender- import everything to blender and animate the mouse with some vfx!

Blender can open the Inventor-Format without problems (just open).
At this time im connecting that parts in Blender and add constraints to simulate mechanical movements.
Also i have to fix some axis for mechanics.

–> Draft-Render of Christian´s standalone parts with basic materials:

–> 1st preview to the mechanical rig with Blender-Constraints:

ERDORA … publishing my visual-effects

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Hey- im proud to present my visual-effect works for the ERDORA-Film-Project.

The Erdora-Team need help in some scenes. Specialy glowing things and disintigrating with more than 300.000 particles was my job.
Now- after Erdora was published in the beginning of 2010 i can show you my work :).

My favourite scene is that one:

And 3 GlowScenes:

Abaron Particle-Effects

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Last year i created some particle-effects for Marco Gutekunst´s film project ABARON.
Now i uploaded the video-sequence.

You should know that a effect like this was not planed! I had to improvise…

Sorry for the bad quality 😦

Next shattering-test

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Once again a shatteringtry using the great “crackmescript”!

I did one BIG mistake: I used more than 100.000 particles to simulate something like dust, but rendered the animation with DOF and motion blur … so you can´t see many particles :D.

Whatever- check out my 2nd try:

1st i whanted to simulate dust using blender 2.5 smoke-simulator.

But for me it crashes in this scene everytime i try to render :(.
Will check this out in future-versions!

You can download crackme here:

Shattering! Blender can do it!

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Yes! Did you know that Blender can be used for some great 3d-shattering effects?

I found that script calles “Crackme” (now fracture me) and did a small test for you.

With help from 100000 particles for dust, DOF and a little bit postFX (oldcinema) i got that result:

This is a 1st try.

Next thing will be a combination with the new smoke-simulator for dust :).


Smoke like fire….

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And now i tryed to make something like a flame-thrower!

Remember: This are my 1st attemps.
The quality will be better in my next experiments.